Unmasking AI In Real Estate: Can It Take Care Of Your Marketing For You?

In recent times, it has become almost impossible to escape the buzz surrounding AI (Artificial Intelligence). It seems like the term is thrown around left, right, and centre, with everyone hoping it will revolutionise their marketing efforts. As a marketing agency, we encounter clients and prospects frequently asking, “Can AI do it all for me?”. It’s become evident that there is a widespread misconception about the capabilities of AI in the marketing realm.

Let’s be clear: AI is not a substitute for human marketing expertise. Rather, it should be viewed as a tool to assist marketers in specific areas. For instance, AI can be valuable when generating blog posts, market update reports, or analysing data. However, when it comes to more niched tasks like writing targeted ads, there is no replacement for the years of industry experience and expertise possessed by a marketing professional. A well-versed marketer who has invested significant time, money, and effort into understanding their clients’ needs is unlikely to be outperformed by AI in creating persuasive and effective ads.

As a business, we have experimented with AI-generated content and it often comes across cheesy, suffers from a lack of personalisation and authenticity. When the majority of agencies adopt AI for content creation, the landscape becomes saturated with cookie-cutter, impersonal content. In the real estate industry, where differentiation and personalisation are paramount, this approach falls short in building trust, credibility, and value within the marketplace. Many agencies are eager to hop on the AI bandwagon and incorporate it into their marketing vocabulary and messaging. However, it is essential to acknowledge that AI is not yet capable of producing the level of quality and personalisation required to make a lasting impact on customers.

That being said, AI does have its place in marketing. It can still be a useful time-saving tool and can assist in generating blog posts about local topics, market updates, and other content pieces that may not require a highly personalised touch. It is important to note that these initial AI-generated drafts do still require human intervention to add personal touches, tailor the content to specific audiences, and optimise it further for SEO.

To summarise, AI is not the Holy Grail that will miraculously solve all your marketing challenges—at least not yet. While AI can be a valuable tool in certain areas, it is still far from replacing the expertise and experience of human marketers. AI-generated content lacks the personalisation, authenticity, and human touch that are fundamental to successful marketing efforts, especially in industries like real estate where building trust and standing out is crucial. AI’s potential as a time-saving tool and as an aid in optimising SEO however.. cannot be ignored. As the AI landscape evolves and technology advances, it will be interesting to see how its role in marketing continues to evolve and shape the industry.