Social Media
Listing Campaigns

Drive social media engagement for your real estate listing campaigns, reaching tens of thousands of buyers in just minutes through Amplify – the easiest way to launch social media campaigns.

Amplify your engagement

Launch high-quality, targeted social media campaigns for your listings, open homes and recent sales all in a few clicks. With pre-filled and templated designs to choose from your ads will perform better than ever for a fraction of the time spent.

How it works

Pick your design & copy

The Amplify system will automatically design your ad and write your copy or you can customise it.

Set your budget

Select your target location, demographic & ad budget spend. Choose between 7, 14 or 21-day ad run periods.

Submit your ad!

Submit your ad & we’ll notify you once it’s running. Plus get a performance report to send to your vendors!

Your listings, integrated In one easy to use platform

We integrate your listings with our powerful software to simplify the whole process. All your listings, images, and information in one place!

We’re not like every other digital ad company, we specialise in real estate, we understand your goals and objectives whilst also understanding how to get you the absolute best results.

Launch your listing ads in just a few minutes

We’ve made launching your ads across Facebook & Instagram reaching thousands of buyers in as little as four easy steps. 

We understand that the Meta Ads Manager is not the easiest to understand and begin launching ads. That’s why we’ve spent hundreds of hours developing an easy-to-use user interface with strong visual queues. 


Social media listing brochure for your brand

We will create a personalized advertising brochure specifically for your agency’s social media listings, and it’s on the house. This uniquely branded brochure aims to enhance your value proposition to potential vendors, setting you apart from the competition.

We believe your time as an agent is better spent on higher-leverage activities such as prospecting, negotiating and building quality relationships…Not navigating the rough seas of the Meta Ads manager without a compass.

Matt Ensing – Growth Director & Founder


Is there a set up cost?

There is absolutely no set-up cost!

Are there ongoing fees?

You will be billed directly from Facebook for all ad costs and direct debited at the end of each month for 20% of each ad campaign that ran.

How does Amplify save me time in setting up listing campaigns?

We’ve built a platform that allows real estate agents to launch social media listing campaigns, simplifying the process in just under 4 minutes.

We do this by pulling your listing images and data automatically and removing some unnecessary steps.

I’m not a Lead Fleet client, can I still access Amplify ads?

Yes, you can still access Amplify ads even if you are not a client of Lead Fleet.

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