Real estate agency owners, listen up. Want to find out how to generate seller leads in your sleep?

If you’re crazy about growth and generating hot seller leads, we’ll analyse your website for free and give you the secrets to landing page success in the real estate industry.

Are you looking at ways to increase your commission?

Maybe you and your team are door knocking 9-5 to get more leads…

Dropping flyers into mailboxes…and seeing minimal results,

Not realising that the biggest key to more seller leads has been right in front of you the whole time and you didn’t even notice.

A way to wave the golden carrot in front of your prospects with minimal effort from you and your team.

And I mean NO extra activity.

Are you ready for this?

Here’s a hint… 98% of real estate agencies have one.

But it just isn’t being used in a way that benefits the agency.

It just sits there gathering cobwebs and dust waiting to fizzle out and die.


It never calls in sick, takes holidays, stops for coffee or complains…

This thing goes by the name of…

Your Website *gasp*

I bet you saw that coming, you’ve probably been told hundreds of times and maybe you haven’t seen the results so it’s on the back burner. Well I’m here to tell you, it’s either done wrong or… you were attracting the wrong traffic spending your hard earned money.

A landing page’s job is to convert that hard earned traffic you’ve attracted.

And here’s what some high converting real estate website looks like

Riley Real Estate
RB Properties
Steele Properties
Fortune Properties & Business Sales
KW Property
City and Country Realty

I bet you are not happy with the amount of leads your website generates each month. 

Your website is quite literally one of your agency super powers, but you’ve been around kryptonite too long to see it… It’s time to fly your agency to the moon. 

Do you want to find out what it is you’re doing wrong, and what you need to do to turn your website into a seller lead generatring machine

Can you handle it?!

Our team will personally analyse your real estate website FOR FREE via a video recording and dissect your website’s landing pages. 

We will give you the blueprint on what you need to do to generate seller leads on autopilot. 

This isn’t some automated report done by a bot that does absolutely nothing.

This is conducted by real estate marketing professionals who live and breathe lead generation just for real estate agencies. 

Does this offer excite you? Can you handle us scrutinizing your website?

Read the requirements below. 

You must be a real estate agency operating in Australia or New Zealand with a website already (if you don’t have one click here).

You must be open to constructive criticism, our team will be scrutinizing your website, we want to help you grow and succeed.

You must have intent and be open to our advice in assisting you in generating seller leads through your website.

Click the button below, and follow the prompts. Our team will review your website with a loom video and send it directly to your email. 

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