17 Blog Post Ideas For Your Real Estate Business

So, you’ve jumped on the blog-bandwagon – that’s great news! Blogging is an excellent digital marketing tool and has many benefits, which we’ve gone over in our recent blog post. Making the decision to have a blog (or to start uploading articles again) on your website is a good start. Now, it’s time to actually start writing content and regularly put new posts up. Inevitably, even if you’re filled with great ideas to begin with, you’re gonna ask yourself the question: what on earth am I gonna post this time? So, we’re here to prepare you for that time. We’ve put together 17 blog post ideas for real estate businesses that potential clients will love to read!

1. Housing Trends

Give your readers an update of how the market is currently doing, what the average mortgage rates are and if it’s worth buying or selling a house at the moment. 

2. Listing Of The Week

Highlight one of your favourite listings of the week (or month). Describe this listing in detail – a lot of people love finding out more about properties and the stories behind them. Try choosing more unique properties for these types of posts. 

3. Property Tours

Do an in-depth tour of a home you have listed, ideally via video. These posts will guarantee to increase traffic to your website and therefore likely increase the chance of getting new clients. People love going around properties – they won’t say no to an opportunity where they can easily do so without having to move from their own couch!

4. List of Great Local Businesses

Create a short list or guide of some of the local businesses you have worked with in the area. This will show you are a ‘local’ agent and builds trust with your readers. Plus, it’s always a good idea to shout out local businesses – who knows, they may even refer to you at a later stage as well! 

5. Things To Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Are there some things you notice most clients overlook when buying, selling or renting properties? Create a list of these things and let your readers know. This again shows you are an agent that genuinely wants to help their clients and that you can be trusted. 

6. Common Mistakes People Make When Selling Their Homes

As a real estate agent, you have likely seen people rushing to sell their homes and not thinking of the consequences of certain actions. Create a list with some of the most common mistakes you have seen, explaining to your readers how to avoid them. 

7. Meet The Team

Give your website and brand a more personal feeling by giving people a look behind the scenes. Introduce them to the people behind your brand, your team members. Introduce one member at a time. If you’re an independent agent without team members, create a more personal blog post where you tell readers more about yourself with snippets about why you love your job, what you do outside of work and more. 

8. Upcoming Open Houses

Create a list of all your upcoming homes, with some additional information about each property. This will provide your readers with a handy overview of the upcoming open homes in the area. 

9. Testimonials

Client testimonials are what your potential buyers and sellers will look at to determine whether you’re trustworthy and the right agent for them. Contact some of your past clients and ask them to talk about why they chose you and how their experience was. 

10. How To Prepare Your Home For Sale 

Give potential home sellers tips on how to prepare their home for sale. It’s always a good idea to write blog posts specifically for home sellers, as they are your main target audience. 

11. Increasing The Value Of Your Home

Give homeowners some tips on how to increase the value of their home. 

12. Home Seller Interview

Did you recently sell a house for someone? If you have a success story and a happy client, ask them if they would be up for an interview for your blog. This is great personal content that will show people and potential sellers you’re up for the task. You could opt for a video-interview, or go for a traditional written interview post. 

13. Neighbourhood Analysis 

Conduct a neighbourhood analysis of one of your local neighbourhoods for your readers.  

14. How To Sell Your Home Quickly

This is again a good post to attract people who are looking to sell their home. If someone is ready to sell their home, they naturally don’t want to wait a long time before it’s all done. 

15. Local Events 

Regularly create a list with upcoming events in your local area. This is a simple, yet effective blog post to drive traffic to your website.

16. How To Stage Your Home For A Viewing

Give home sellers a guide and tips on how to best stage their home for a viewing. 

17. Things That Decrease The Value Of Your Home

No one wants to decrease the value of their home. Compile a list of things you commonly see that decrease the value of homes. 

Need help writing your blog posts? 

Hopefully the above ideas gave you enough inspiration to start writing and posting regularly. If you do need some help setting up your blog and writing posts, we can help! Schedule a free consultation with us today to discuss your needs.