Organic Social Media: Should You Be Doing It?

So, organic social media posts… what exactly is this?

Basically, this is referring to informative but non-targeted content that you are posting to keep your brand current with your database in addition to any paid ads you may be running. Things like open home times, auction results, recent sales, market updates and testimonials – what is referred to as ‘Social Proof’. It is also recommended that you add in a few broad posts such as local highlights and sell tips, things that people find useful and will keep you in the front of people’s mind. In the last 12 months, we have seen how businesses communicate with their audiences on social media evolve from just the standard posts to incorporating reels and videos into their strategies. While these can be more engaging and visually creative, some of the best content you as an agency can post organically is you with your clients in front of a sold sign. It’s raw and it’s real – just what most people are looking for.

In saying all of that, the most fundamental thing to consider is not whether your social tile is up to date with the current design trends, instead it’s ‘where are you going to direct all of the traffic from these posts?’ (Hint: your answer SHOULD be your website 😉) A lot of agents think that it’s most crucial for traffic to be directed back to their profiles on external websites such as realestate.com.au or RMA… False. The best way for your audience to get a feel for you and your agency is to get them engaging with your website, regardless of whether they are sellers or buyers.

Watch the full video for more information on what you can incorporate into your organic social media strategy and download our free Organic Social Media calendar template.