Keep connecting with your audience – 5 real estate content ideas during COVID-19

Like most industries, the real estate industry is facing unprecedented challenges during COVID-19. Letting your community know that you are still available during these times is very important

Here are some tips on content ideas to keep connecting with your audience. When creating any of these, think about what value you can provide to your community.

1. Spotlight other local businesses

Everyone is looking for recommendations when it comes to engaging with local businesses. Are there any local businesses that you use that you would be happy to recommend?

Creating content like this will help you build relationships within your community as well as showing off other local businesses. A lot of people like to use local businesses, so your spotlight might help someone make a decision.  

You never know, they may even respond with a spotlight of your agency.

2. Answer common questions

In times like these, there are still a lot of questions people have about real estate in particular how COVID-19 is affecting the real estate market. Consider creating a regular series of content answering commonly asked questions from all different groups of clients

We have created a blog to help guide you on this. Take a look here. 

3. Team member profiles

Introducing your team to the community personalises your business and lets the public know who they are dealing with. Keep your profiles short and interesting. Make sure you include a photo so your community can put a face to the name.

Some ideas to include in your profiles

  • Why you joined the industry
  • Favourite local restaurant/cafe
  • Hobbies and interests

4. Local area profile

Show that you know and understand your local area and create profiles on suburbs or areas. This type of content is great as blog articles or content pages on your website.

Think of things that people who were possibly interested in the area would want to know. Information about local schools, public transport, local businesses, parks local history are all a great place to start. 

5. Share community news

Whats happening in your community right now? Sharing details will show that you know what is happening and people see you as an active member of the community. 

This can look like updates on local community groups or events, updates on local businesses and details on what is happening with local schools.

This is especially important in times like these. But be careful, only share details from reliable sources. You don’t want to be spreading rumours.

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