Unlocking the Power of Google My Business for Real Estate SEO Success

In the realm of real estate Search Engine Optimization (SEO), one often underestimated gem is Google My Business. Many real estate professionals overlook its potential impact, but the truth is, when a homeowner or landlord searches for “real estate agents in XYZ suburb” or “real estate agents near me,” the first three results they encounter are often Google My Business profiles. Securing a spot in these prime positions can significantly boost your real estate business. Here are three essential steps to ensure your agency stands out in those crucial top three spots:

Complete Your Profile:

It may sound simple, but a surprising number of Google My Business profiles remain incomplete. Google, the search engine giant, thrives on delivering the most relevant results. Incomplete profiles are deemed less relevant, which can adversely affect your ranking. Invest just 10 minutes to log in and fill out every available detail, including contact information, categories, opening hours, location settings, and uploading high-quality photos. Additionally, link your social profiles to enhance your online presence. A complete profile is the first step towards catching the eye of potential clients.

Encourage Google Reviews:

Reviews from local, like-minded customers hold substantial weight in determining your profile’s ranking. Actively include Google in your review request process, and whenever possible, ask customers to include their location in their reviews. Phrases such as “John truly understands real estate in your suburb” or “We successfully sold our home in your suburb with John” can make a significant impact. Positive, location-specific reviews not only enhance your credibility but also contribute to a higher ranking on Google.

Regularly Post Updates:

Adding posts to your Google My Business profile on a weekly or fortnightly basis can significantly boost your visibility. Share market updates, recent sales or listings, and standout reviews to keep your audience engaged. These posts should always link back to your website and focus on content relevant to your location. By consistently providing valuable information, you not only improve your chances of being seen but also demonstrate your expertise in the local real estate market.

In conclusion, optimising your Google My Business profile is a crucial aspect of real estate SEO. By completing your profile, encouraging positive reviews, and regularly posting relevant updates, you can position your business in the coveted top three spots on Google. Don’t overlook this powerful tool – make the most of it to drive success in your real estate endeavours.

To tie this all up, don’t sleep on your Google My Business profile!