How To Present Your Social Media Advertising Strategy To Vendors And Win More Listings

In this video we discuss the social media strategies and tools behind listing a property and how having an understanding of them and implementing them can not only benefit your clients but also see you winning more listings.

How to present your strategy

The most important thing to remember when presenting a strategy is to ‘pitch with confidence’. As an agent, it’s also vital to have a basic understanding of what you are presenting to your client.

What can you show the vendor

Real results! You may be able to ‘talk the talk’ but this can lose effect on clients if there is no evidence to back up your strategy. Reports are a great resource to include in a listing presentation.

Types of questions you may run into

Naturally, your clients are going to have questions such as “Why is Social Media advertising so important?” and “Who will be seeing my ad?”. By utilising this template, these questions will be answered; if not, our marketing specialists can answer them for you.