How listing ads on social media can help your agency

Social media listing ads are not just a great way to increase exposure for listings. When managed correctly there are a range of benefits for your agency that you can leverage to have these types of ads paying for themselves…

Exposure for your agency

A typical social media listing campaign that is run over 14 days will have a reach of over 24,000, with prestige listings pushing closer to 50,000. That is a huge amount of exposure for your agency that should for the most part be funded by the vendor.

A sneak peak for prospective sellers

One of the most effective ways to market your agency to a prospective seller is to demonstrate how you would market their own home. What better way to do this than for them to see the quality and reach that you are giving a house in their area through social media listing ads.

Targeted website traffic

Any ad that you run should be directing traffic back to your agency website. A typical campaign through Amplify will produce north of 1000 clicks. With well configured ad campaigns those clicks are predominantly made up of locals that are all potential buyers or sellers either now or in the future.

⭐ Pro tip: Setup retargeting audiences so you can retarget users that clicked on previous listing ads. You can use this to promote future listings or your agency.

A tool to win listings

A well architected social media strategy is a great point of difference when presenting for a new listing opportunity. Throw in some sample campaigns and a few case studies of previous results on the pile and you could have the edge you need to win a listing over a competing agency.

⭐ Pro tip: With amplify you can generate draft campaigns and share previews with the vendor.

Where to start?

Check out Amplify to start launching social media listing campaigns that benefit both your vendors and your agency without having to be a meta ad guru.