5 Canva Designs To Make Your Social Media Posts Shine

In just a few years, Canva has become one of the most popular graphic design tools. Canva is an online platform that allows users to create a wide variety of designs such as social media posts, presentations, flyers, and much more. The best part: it’s free to use (there are pro options available), and no graphic design experience is required! If you haven’t gotten onto the platform yet, make sure to read our post on Why you should be using Canva in your real estate business for a complete rundown on the program. 

As we mentioned before, no graphic design experience is required to use Canva – it’s really easy, trust us. To make things even easier, Canva has a wide range of free (and paid, if you want to access even more) templates available. All you need to do is insert your own images, text and branding! 

Canva is a must-use tool for any real estate office that is serious about producing regular social media content that looks great!

To help you get started, we’ve created 5 free Canva designs for you that will guarantee your social media posts shine.  We’ve provided 3 different options for each post! Download the entire pack of templates via the button below, or scroll down for a breakdown and additional tips for each post.

1. Just Listed

A no-brainer for your real estate business is the ‘Just Listed’ post. These posts are always a great boost for your social media reach and engagement – because who doesn’t love to browse through new listings and imagine themselves living in that amazing new property?

In addition to increasing your exposure to potential buyers and sellers, these types of posts are a great tool to increase your general brand awareness. 

These templates are designed to help you navigate traffic to your website. By only showing one main photo, visitors will need to visit the actual listing to view more photos and to find out more information. In order to maximise the amount of people visiting your website, it is important to add the link to the listing in this post (TIP: for Instagram, add the link in your bio as well so people can easily click on it). Remember – it’s all about making it as easy as possible for people to complete your desired actions. 


  • Insert the main photo of the property as a background (for Design 2, add 3 photos)
  • Change the address (for Design 3, add additional details)
  • Insert your website
  • Change the colours used to reflect your branding. 

2. Just Sold

In today’s market, the issue isn’t finding buyers for your listings – it’s getting those new listings. The ‘Just Sold’ post is a great tool to boost your own image and reputation as a real estate agent. Show potential sellers that you get the job done and can be trusted with their property. The Just Sold post is designed to attract potential sellers. 

To make this post more personal, try to include some details about the sale and wishes of the seller, showing how you fulfilled these. This will give your audience some additional insight, rather than a standard ‘sold’ post. 


  • Insert the main photo of the property as a background (for Design 2, insert 3 photos)
  • Change the address (for Design 3, change additional details)
  • Insert your website
  • Change the  colours used to reflect your branding
  • Insert a photo of the realtor that sold this property, along with their name below the photo.

3. Open Homes

Having an Open House at one of your listings? Make sure to let your social media followers know by sharing the details in an easy, quick post. Others can easily share this, which will certainly help drum up attendees. Keep it short and sweet, and include the key details such as the address, date and time. Always include one or a few top pictures of the home to generate more interest.

These templates contain all the information it needs – this is enough for people to share the post and show up to the open home. Again, include a link to the listing in the caption of this post for people to have easy access to more information. 


  • Insert the main photo of the property as a background (for Design 3, add 3 photos)
  • Change the address
  • Insert your website
  • Change the colours used to reflect your branding
  • Insert the date and time of the open home.

4. Testimonials

Plenty of research has shown that there’s no better marketing than the famous ‘word of mouth’ – no matter what industry you’re in. The good (and potentially bad) thing about social media is that word of mouth can spread quickly to a lot of people. Instead of waiting for your client to tell his neighbour about you when they start talking about selling their homes, social media provides us with the opportunity to reach a lot of people at once. Whilst you can’t exactly tell your clients to publicly post online about their amazing experience with you as their agent, if you receive positive feedback, you can use the positive testimonials on your own channels. It’s one of the best ways to build trust with potential clients and strengthen your brand. It’s also a nice way to break up your listing-posts with something different (just make sure you don’t over-do it).

And whilst we all love reading a whole paragraph about how great we are, your potential clients will quickly scroll past lengthy texts – who’s got time for that? So, if you receive a long testimonial, just pick a line or two for your social media graphic. You can then link to the full post on your website. 

You can use these simple, yet effective templates for testimonials or any other quotes you would like to share. Please note that the text used in this template should be the maximum amount of text you will use. If you have a longer testimonial, make sure to link to the full page or post on your website in the caption. 


  • Insert a photo as background that matches your branding or is relevant to the testimonial
  • Insert your website
  • Change the colours used to reflect your branding
  • Use a positive testimonial you have received – make sure not to use more text than used in the template.

5. Team Spotlight

People are on social media for personal content – if they just want to see new listings and sales posts, they’ll go to your website. Every now and then, it’s a good idea to post some behind-the-scenes content. This is a perfect opportunity for people to get to know your team, and again, build trust by showing you are ‘real’.

A great way to do this could be a reoccurring ‘Team Spotlight’ post – you could have a monthly post dedicated to this. Explain what the employee’s role on your team is, have them say something about why they love working in real estate and on your team, and use a professional photo of the employee. 

Again, these templates are easy to use and make your own. Simply switch the photo, name and quote to the relevant employee each time you use it and you’re good to go. 


  • Insert a photo as background that matches your branding or is relevant to the Team Spotlight
  • Insert your website
  • Change the colours used to reflect your branding
  • Insert the employee’s photo, name and quote.

Making the most of your Canva designs

The above templates are a great way to get started with creating your social media graphics. To make the most out of these, make sure to always include and remember the following:

  • Adapt each template to use your brand’s colours. This will help with the overall look and consistency of your posts, and ensures each post on your social media is on-brand
  • Insert your logo (in a small size) in each post to increase brand awareness and recognition. Make sure to use the transparent version of your logo to avoid the white, block of background.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Canva is a great tool to insert text in photos, but makes it easy to over-do it. Try not to include more text than provided in the templates. You can always include additional important details in the copy that you’ll post with the image. 
  • If you want to show more photos of a particular listing, you can always insert extra slides with these images. Keep in mind that this might decrease the amount of traffic for your website (if people can see everything in the social media post, why visit the website?)

If you prefer to have all templates together, click here to download the whole pack. 

These tips and templates should give you some ideas and starting points for great social media posts. If you do need some help to boost your social media accounts or are unsure how to start, give us a call or book a free consultation via the button below!