4 Ways To Improve Your SEO Ranking

Continuing on from our previous podcast about whether you, as a real estate business, should be focusing your time and money on SEO or paid ads, we will be discussing 4 effective methods that you can implement today for improved SEO rankings.

The biggest recommendation that we can make is to BE PRESENT in your local community by producing quality content on a regular basis – we’re talking current listings, recent sales, rentals, and updates on the local area and property market.

1. Optimise Your ‘Google My Business’ Profile

It is important to have the information on this up to date and authenticated for when people are searching for real estate agents in the area. 

2. Set Up Your Google Search Console

Essentially this is an admin panel for your website on google. This will be your hub for any internal issues or errors with your website that google will pick up on your behalf. If you need some help with this, check out digital basics.

3. Suburb Profiles

This is a MUST as a real estate agency and something that should come easily to you as the local expert. Talk about the suburb and it’s highlights, local events/attractions, recent sales and listings

4. Write 1 Blog Article Per Month

This can be either a local highlight such as an attraction/event or an educational piece targeted at your clients, whether it be sellers, buyers, tenant or landlords.

Incorporating these 4 methods into your current SEO strategy will not only see an increase in website traffic and quality leads, it will also continue to cement your position as the property expert in your local area.