How To Utilise Vendor Paid Advertising To Win More Listings

We’re diving into the 3 things you as an agency should be implementing to leverage vendor paid advertising to gain more exposure to homeowners in their area and generate more listing opportunities.

  1. Your social media strategy

If you don’t already, we cannot recommend highly enough to include a social media budget in your listing campaigns. By doing this you are using the VPAvpa budget allocated on YOUR agency social media profiles to advertise the listing through meta ads. The best of both worlds! This means you have the opportunity to not only reach thousands of potential buyers but also get your agency seen by potential sellers. They may not be looking to sell yet but one day they will but by saturating the market and having them see the constant repetition of your brand and your influx of fresh stock will leave a lasting impression on their conscience.  

2. Direct marketing to your database

There are 2 parts to this method. The first part is promoting your new listings to your prospective buyers and prospective sellers within a 5-10km radius through email and sms campaigns. Most CRM programs have the ability to create this filter, if yours doesn’t, it’s definitely time to research modern CRM programs.

The second part is to follow up with a post sales summary with sales price, open home/enquiry stats sms to anyone who inspected or enquired on the listing. This method is super simple and also quite a relaxed way of keeping everyone up to date as generally this is exclusive information as a lot of agencies tend to hide sales results from popular real estate websites (for this reason 😉). It also gives them an indication of how much interest is still around in the market.

3. Incorporating ‘value add’ resources into print marketing

The simplest way to do this is through the use of QR codes. QR Codes are by far the most simple and effective way to direct your traffic to things that provide value to your target market. Not only can you control what information the consumer sees but with certain QR code generators you can monitor consumer interaction. We recommend hyper targeting this by getting the link to download the exact suburb profile that you’re promoting  to them- a bit more tailored for the client.

By incorporating these methods, it’s certainly a less in your face and ‘slimey’ approach to prospecting – it’s factual and provides value to the potential client. The general public are certainly more responsive to being treated less like the bone in a ‘dog and bone’ scenario when it comes to parting ways with one of their biggest assets – no one likes commission breath!